About the Artist

Since Valorie was a little, tiny kid, she was always busy "makin' stuff". Whether drawing, painting, building snow forts, fashioning dandelion necklaces, or making mud pies. As long as she was productive, she was happy.

School was fun until the seventh grade when Valorie just couldn't understand why anyone would willingly subject themselves to algebra.

High school, college, years flew by and Valorie married Rich, the boy next door, who happened to be a mathematician. (He thinks algorithims are fun!) He keeps the number crunching department running smoothly and trys to convince Valorie that computers will simplify her life.(He also makes great barbecued chicken!)

Son Jason has the best of both Mom's and Dad's strengths and specializes in computer graphics and digital imaging. He earned a degree in InterMedia from ASU, but has taken time out to serve his country as a soldier in the U.S. Army!
Daughter Elizabeth, the family "wordsmith" is a gifted writer and entreprenur at heart. She has a degree in English plus an MBA, and together with her husband currently works in the tech area in sunny San Jose. You can find some of her inspirational verses on a number of Valorie's images.

And last, but not least, is the feline brigade...

...whose antics make us laugh and whose cat hairs make us vacuum!